3d models are an integral part of high-quality presentations and documentation, as well as the basis for creating a product's prototype.

A feature of 3-d appliances is the ability to conduct a full cycle of work to produce a 3-d object from modeling to prototyping. The work can be carried out in a complex, this reduces the time and cost of finding artists and staging new technical tasks.

It will help you establish further production, small-scale or industrial scale.

Areas of application:

  • advertising;

  • marketing;

  • urban planning;

  • industry;

  • construction;

  • computer games;

  • simulators;

  • cinema;

  • architecture;

  • interior design;

  • animation.

Download free 3d models or prepere your own in several stages.

1. Geometry is a 3-dimensional geometric model without physical properties. Necessary techniques are:

  • extrusion;

  • modifiers;

  • polygon;

  • rotation.

2. The level of realism depends on the choice of materials for textures. Professional programs for three-dimensional graphics are unlimited in the possibilities for making realistic pictures.

3. The perception of the image depends on light exposure, different observation points, tone, brightness, sharpness and depth of shadows.

4. Visualization or rendering consists in detailed display settings. At this stage, the exact parameters of the characters, parts, landscapes, color differences, glow etc. are determined. The desired number of frames and the extension of the final video can be selected.

5. Post-production is the processing of captured images and videos using media editors.