Creation of 3D models takes place in a special software for 3D modeling. Applications contain specific features aimed at performing specific tasks. Filters are used in the work:

Adobe Premiere Transition filter-provides the ability to create video effects of inter-frame transitions of the Adobe Premiere application.

Alfa Compositor filter-allows you to create a composition of two images by placing the image queued first on top of the image queued second. Filter Cross Fade Transition - allows you to organize the effect of the influx-the gradual manifestation of the image corresponding to the second event. Filter Pseudo Alfa-allows you to combine two images that do not have a transparency channel. Filter Simple Additive Compositor - allows you to mix the image of the lower layer by the influx of the image of the upper layer.

Simple Wipe filter-allows you to move a curtain with a second c over one image or, conversely, to shift the image of the top layer to the side.