3ds Max has an extensive database of standard tools that facilitate the modeling of various special effects. There are a lot of additional tools (plugins) that allow not only to create much more realistic effects of fire, water, smoke, but also contain additional modeling tools.

You can also download different models when building different objects. For example, when designing the interiors of bathrooms, you can install different models of plumbing, you can download them for free.

Special plugins are attached to work with applications. They sold separately from the 3ds Max package or distributed free of charge via the Internet. These programs are created by both large companies specializing in software development and simple developers-enthusiasts. There are so many additional modules for 3ds Max that the number of tools they offer is many times greater than the set of standard 3ds Max tools. Plug-ins simplify many tasks - for example, allow you to spend less time on the rendering of the visualization.