In the 3d max library you can download models of cars and other vehicles for free. 3D models are used in almost all areas of our lives, there are four levels of complexity of three-dimensional images: The first-the simplest-does not contain information about the structure and small details of the object, such as glasses and simple frames. The second, slightly more complex level, contains more detailed information about the model. This level can include cabinets, tables and other simple objects.

The third level includes furniture sets and appliances for the house because of the numerous small details and complex heterogeneous structure.

Well, the fourth is most often used by engineers, examples of three-dimensional models of this level can serve as models of machines, cars and other complex equipment.

All levels of the model are related to the types of 3D modeling, so the first two-a frame, the third – surface, and the fourth – solid-state method of visualization.