3d models and object collection

Over the past ten years, three-dimensional images are firmly in the life of modern man. Digital technology allows you to recreate objects in their entirety, ranging from dinosaurs of the Cambrian period, ending with a new object in the center of the metropolis.

3D models can be seen as well:

  1. In computer games.
  2. Visualization of architectural projects.
  3. Design and creation of interiors.

and much more.

The advantages of 3D technology is that objects become three-dimensional and absolutely visual and almost "tangible". The 3D model is created in a special program, the most popular is 3Ds max. At the beginning of work as a basis are accepted:

  1. Photo.
  2. Drawings and sketches.
  3. Drawings and diagrams.

After processing the basic information, the construction algorithm is created, then the model itself. This technology is called: 3D modeling.After the work is finished, the object can be viewed on the computer screen from all angles. After completing the simulation, model can be viewed from different angles on the display screen at different scales. After approval of the image by the customer, the model is printed on the equipment:

  1. 3D printer.
  2. 3D milling machine

3Ds Max is a powerful software that provides:

  1. 3D-modeling.
  2. Animation.
  3. Game development.
  4. Visualization of interiors

Developed and manufactured by: Autodesk. The program is also actively used in the field of various design of various objects and objects. Actively used in production planning. An interesting feature is 3D rendering, which simulates the camera settings. The software comes with an extensive library of resources, which greatly facilitates the work of the designer.

3Ds Max performs several basic functions:

  • modeling;
  • texturings;
  • create different effects.

The user has the ability to animate geometry, use simulation of grids and various surfaces.